Shadow Report about the German Federal Government Strategy on Social Inclusion of Sinti and Roma

At the end of 2011, the German Federal Government presented the Integrated package of measures on integration and participation of Sinti and Roma in Germany. This was the answer to the request of the EU Council of Ministers made to the EU member states, to develop a strategy on inclusion of Sinti and Roma. Two implementation reports have been drafted since the publication of German strategy. They primarily list the actions aimed at social inclusion of Sinti and Roma in the FRG. 

Together with the organisations Amaro Foro e.V., Amaro Drom e.V.,  and Roma Büro Freiburg e.V., Sozialfabrik e.V. built up a consortium of Roma and non-Roma organisations in order to execute a scientific assessment of the implementation of the German strategy. The consortium was sponsored by the Open Society Foundations, Budapest. 

The review and analysis of policies and actions in Germany whose target groups are Sinti and Roma made an essential part of the scientific assessment. The study focused on the following areas: Education, employment, health, housing / neighbourhood development and the transversal areas anti-discrimination and social inclusion. The objective of the project was to make a critical contribution to the improvement of policies and actions that aim at social inclusion of Sinti and Roma in Germany. 

The Civil Society Monitoring Report has been published end of 2014 in English and beginning of 2015 in German. It can be downloaded via the Website of the Decade of Roma Inclusion.

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More information on the strategy of the German Federal Government and on the civil society monitoring can be found at the links below: