Fostering the Participation of young Sinti and Roma

Sinti and Roma resistance in Nazi-Germany - educational seminar, 06/23/2014

In general, it is difficult for young Sinti and Roma to access mechanisms and forms of social participation and are excluded from participation options. Most of them are experiencing discrimination, above all in school. This often results in severe disturbances of their educational and vocational career. 

The project, which has been implemented from 15th March until 31st December 2014, aimed at encouraging young Sinti and Roma in order to more succesfully defend themselves against discrimination and to equally participate in social processes. Simultaneously, tolerance and a sense of community should be strenghtened.  

This project, funded by the Demokraiefonds Berlin via the program "Stark gemacht", was jointly conducted by Amaro Foro e.V. and Sozialfabrik e.V.  

Via seminars, workshops, discussions and educational excursions, young Sinti and Roma have been enabled to participate more effectively.

In the framework of the project, seminars, educational events and workshops dealing with the following topics have been organized:

• The EU-elections and perspectives for minorities 

• Forms and opportunities of social participation 

• Anti-discrimination and equal  treatment

• The genocide of the Nazi regime against Sinti and Roma

• The participation of Sinti und Roma in the liberation of Europe from the Nazi regime

·   The Sinti and Roma movement in Germany and Europe

• Excursions to the former concentration camps and memorials Sachsenhausen and Auschwitz